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hello there my name is jonathan kongsayasane :] please do follow: "" you should also be following her because she is a constant blogger ^-^ and of course because i love her <3 shes my FSWFE :s bet you dont know what that stands for :p but anyways hi, my music is random to a sort i, like older music because i dont really like oh too much of what i hear now a days :/ if you have any questions feel free to ask me them x] but as you can already see there will just me a variety of randomness spread across this page i hope you enjoy :3 and one more thing. . . you are very welcome to "wasteyourlifehere" c:





Holy fuck…


WTH :(


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Belladonna: How are you going to make me love you?
Leezar: If your vagina is anything like my hand, there will be no problem.


I’m afraid this bitch won’t be on for a couple days til’ i decide to tell him what his password is. LOL. Doesn’t revenge hurt like a bitch? Oh, i also changed his email passwords too. And just in case he wants to shoot Karma back at me, i changed my password too. Oh. Good thinking. K. I have no time to waste since i have no life. K. Just telling you guys (: Enjoy. 

this morning as i was about to go to school,(after missing already two days due to my illnesses) i had this sharp pain in what i thought to be my sides.. but it soon moved to my stomach. and as time past, it grew progressively worse. my mom said it was probably from me taking my daily pills on an empty stomach. ive tried all i could to make it feel better so that i could go to school, but nothing seemed to work… i tried to eat, i tried two different types of tiger balm, i tired to lay down(which was a bad idea..), rest up(which i could not do), and lots of random acts of of desperation to make my stomach feel better. even after doing the number 2, it still hurt like a b*tch x.x .. it felt as if someone had their death grip on my insides where my stomach was and was just squeezing on it constantly… i dont know how else to explain it, but i was whining to my mom the entire time like a little b*tch.. after an hour i found that if i listen to soothing music and either sit comfortably or lean over on something like i was about to puke into the toilet, then id feel a little better..

im disappointed in myself :[ .. i was looking forward to going to school to catch up on schoolwork. but here i am still at home… even though tomorrow is friday, i have a poop load to do before i can start relaxing again.. grawr..


iamshawna-deactivated20120528 said: LOL brb killing myself

LOL alright you have fun with that shawn :p ill just continue eating casually over here while i watch …

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